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Function Levels

I am making the argument that Carl Jung's four psychological functions (Intuition, Sensing, Feeling, and Thinking) originate as developmental levels.


  • Intuition has similarities to how people experience the world in infancy;

  • Sensing has similarities to how people experience the world in childhood;

  • Feeling has similarities to how people experience the world in adolescence; and

  • Thinking has similarities to how people experience the world in late adolescence and adulthood.


I don't have any formal education or training in psychology. I have an amateur interest in Jungian psychology, and the blog is written from a layman's perspective.

This blog is an amateur project and is still a work in progress. I have completed the chapter on Intuition, and I'm two-thirds of the way through the chapter on Sensing. I will be posting more essays to the Sensing chapter in February - March 2024.

~Posted October 19, 2023

Table of Contents & Links

Preface: The Jungian Psychological Functions as

Developmental "Function Levels"

Sigmund Freud and Psychosexual Development

Jung's Psychological Functions

Supplemental essay: Psychological Functions

Supplemental essay: Weak Instincts as Brain Architecture


Intuition (N)


Reconstructing the Thought Processes of an Infant

Uroboric Environment

Supplemental essay: Mithraism as an Example of Nature Worship

Description of Intuition

The Great Mother Versus the Father at the N Level

Supplemental essay: The Terrible Mother

Son-Lover Versus Struggler

Supplemental essay: The Maiden

Supplemental essay: The Muse

Extraverted Intuition Versus Introverted Intuition

Supplemental essay: Extraversion versus Introversion

One-sidedness and Centroversion

Supplemental essay: One-sidedness and the Daemonic

Supplemental essay: Centroversion


Sensing (S)


S level = childhood

Separation of the World Parents

Supplemental essay: The Transition From N-level Association to S-level Differentiation

Supplemental essay: Examples of Fragmentation and Projection

Description of Sensing

Great Mother Versus Great Father at the S Level

Supplemental essay: Assimilation of the Aggression of the Antagonist

Supplemental essay: Men's Societies

Sexuality Versus Spirituality - NEW AS OF APRIL 2024

Supplemental essay: Devaluation and Objectification

Supplemental essay: "Gender as a Social Construct" Versus "Gender as a Binary"

Supplemental essay: Creativity

The Anima Fight and the Great Mother Fight

Supplemental essay: The Anima Fight

Supplemental essay: The Great Mother Fight

The Animus Fight and the Great Father Fight

Supplemental essay: Great Father Fight

Supplemental essay: Great Parent Fights in The Odyssey

Extraverted Sensing Versus Introverted Sensing [Under construction; check back in June-July 2024]


Feeling (F)

[Under construction; check back in late 2024]

Thinking (T)

[Under construction; check back in late 2024]

Notes on Sexual PersonaeNEW AS OF MAY 2024


The Dionysian-Versus-Apollonian Gender Dichotomy

Master List of "Gender Personas" in Sexual Personae


Supplemental essays

Supplemental essay: The Androgyne

Supplemental essay: "Gender Personas" in Chapter 4 of Sexual Personae

Supplemental essay: "Gender Personas" in Chapter 5 of Sexual Personae


Reconciling Politics, Religion, and Morality

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